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Welcome to the website for Fish-N-Stuff of Athens, Ohio.

Here you will find our store hours, location and directions, some recommended links for dealing with new aquariums and pets plus other information that will be helpful to our local patrons, new and old alike.

Current USA introduces Nanoplanner

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If you’ve ever forgotten when the last time was that you cleaned your tank (it probably needs it right now) or dosed for medications or changed light bulbs, Current USA products has a great little widget for use with either Mac or PC that will help track all maintenance logs for your aquarium. Can Be fully customized to each aquarists needs.
Click the image or here for the free download.

Apps & Podcasts For The Aquarist

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For iPhone and iTouch users, these new apps and podcasts will give you tons of smart and easy recommendations to follow when wondering about compatibility, basic needs and level of difficulty.

invertsInvertebrate Pocket Reference
is a wonderful application for quick facts about all sealife in this category that contains anemones, clams, crabs, nudibranchs, cucumbers, shrimp, snails and starfish to name a few. Includes lighting requirements, reef friendliness, size, diet and much more for each species. So easy to refer to when you are standing in front of a display wondering if that arrow crab would be okay with your community of feather dusters.

fishcompare chemistry Aquaria
is mostly focused on marine fish compatibility. I expect it to become a more complete application as new versions are released but it does provide a quick reference to general compatibility of fish species and is accurate for what types of fish can be mixed in your tank.

Maybe one of it’s best features is the ability to track your H2O quality and changes through it’s water parameter journal option that will keep an average of what’s going on chemically in your tank. Keeping any kind of journal on your saltwater tank is an excellent idea and will help identify the special requirements of your individual set up.

AReef For Podcats, AmericanReef.com is beginning their first season of production from Advanced Aquarist’s online magazine series, a monthly video that goes behind the scenes of public aquariums to learn how industry professionals create, maintain and propagate hugh aquarium displays. Even though this podcast focuses on enormous tanks, there is certainly plenty of great information that can be applied to any aquarium size, fresh or saltwater. American Reef also showcases product reviews on their website, fishnetwork.tv as well as other useful information for the marine aquarist with Reef Tutor.
It’s a great resource from some very serious saltwater enthusiasts. Remember, podcasts can be viewed with iTunes and does not require you to own an iPhone or iTouch to enjoy.

See Advice page for further recommendations of apps and podcasts.

Enjoy the sites of our new page: Gallery

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We’ve added a new page for our customers called Gallery. Share your favorite pet and aquarium photos by sending your jpegs to fishnstuff@me.com. Showcase your hobby addiction for all to enjoy!

gallery still